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EuroMarine workshop

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We are hosting a EuroMarine foresight workshop on 28-31 August 2015. The workshop will bring together a network of prominent academics from across Europe, in the fields of terrestrial and marine chemical ecology, to our Colchester Campus.

Chemical ecology of marine interactions: the chemical language that shapes future marine health

The workshop will involve:

  • an overview and assessment of what is known in marine and terrestrial chemical ecology
  • open space discussions relating to:
    • novel approaches to unravel complex signalling cascades
    • role of infochemicals on structure and health in marine food webs
  • science with impact for society – synthesis of key benefits of marine chemical ecology for sustainable management of marine resources:
    • can we apply chemical ecology expertise for managing infection in aquaculture?
    • can we replace environmentally harmful antifouling agents by manipulating the communication of epibionts on man-made surfaces?
  • World Café – facilitated presentations and discussions with the public

This foresight workshop will facilitate:

  • integration of expert activities and visions through participation of twenty researchers in the fields of marine and terrestrial chemical ecology
  • synthesis of our current knowledge on marine chemical ecology and identification of important knowledge gaps
  • identification of key milestones in terrestrial chemical ecology that could provide a blueprint for new transdisciplinary activities to unravel chemical signalling processes in marine ecosystems
  • coordination of a ten year roadmap of key priorities aimed at filling knowledge gaps using EuroMarine and other EU instruments, including Horizon 2020 funding and other international/national funding routes
  • opinion building and knowledge exchange via publication of an open access collaborative foresight paper outlining the vision for future marine chemical ecology research
  • public engagement to benefit the entire field due to increased public interest and heightened awareness of the resources available from the marine realm

Full details and timing of the programme will be available closer to the start of the conference. If you require more information, please contact