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Student Staff Liaison Committees

Our Student Staff Liaison Committees are a forum for you to voice opinions and raise issues related to any aspect of your studies and experience in our School. Our Undergraduate Student Staff Liaison Committee (USSLC) and Postgraduate Student Staff Liaison Committee (PGSSLC) represent undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively. Committees meet once a term and the minutes are received at our next School Meeting.

The Students Union is responsible for managing the recruitment of course reps, but the School plays an active role in advertising the opportunity. Our UG SSLC is also asked to elect at least one of its representatives to attend School Meetings and School Education Committee meetings.

You can read our Student survey results on this page.


Undergraduate SSLC dates

  • Autumn Term: 1pm on Wednesday 16 November 2016
  • Spring Term: 3pm on Monday 27 February 2017
  • Summer Term: Week 31 (date TBC)
Undergraduate representatives 2016-17
Name Year and course E-mail
Joshua Mitchell BA Art History, Year 1
Stif Lazarov BA Art History, Year 1

The chair of our USSLC is our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr Fiona Hughes.


Postgraduate GFM dates

  • Autumn Term: 21 November 2016
  • Spring Term: 21 February 2017
  • Summer Term: Week 31 (date TBC)
Postgraduate representatives 2016-17
Name Year and course E-mail
Edith Miller MA Art History
Laura De Socarraz-Novoa MA Curating

The chair of our PGSSLC is our Director of Postgraduate Studies, Professor Béatrice Han-Pile.

Student Satisfaction Survey feedback and actions taken

Code of practice

Our University’s code of practice for student representation within departments provides useful information about the role of student representatives, their rights and responsibilities.