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You are in: Country Profiles :: Iran

Country Profile: IRAN

 General Information

 Country Profile: Iran (BBC News)

Timeline: Iran (BBC News)

 Factbook: Iran (CIA)

 Statistics: Iran (UNICEF)


 The Library at Congress - General Information

   News and Information Sources  



 Iran Daily

 Iran Mojahedin


 Iran Weekly Press Digest

 Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

 Tehran Times

   Special Features  

 Iran, The struggle for change  (BBC In-depth analysis)

   News Stories and Analysis  

 Iran Leads the World in Executing Children (Human Rights Watch) (June 20, 2007)

 Amnesty International calls for end to death penalty for child offenders (Amnesty International) (January 16, 2006)

 UN stands by Iran nuclear report (BBC) (November 13, 2003)

 Iran's leader admits reforms have stalled (The Guardian) (August 13, 2003)

 Iran's sphere of influence (BBC) (July 31, 2003)

 Iran rejects political rights bill (BBC) (June 28, 2001)

 "Creeping Coup" in Iran (Human Rights Watch) (April 11, 2001)

 The Revolutionary Court Must End Arbitrary Arrests (Amnesty International) (April 11, 2001)

 Afghan Refugees in Iran (Amnesty International) (September 26, 2000)

 Background Paper on Refugees and Asylum Seekers from Iran (UNHCR)

 Initial reports of States parties due in 1996 on the Rights of the Child (UNHCHR)

 Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee (UNHCHR)

 US Department of State Report on Human Rights (US Government)

 Statement by Mr. Copithorne, Special Representative of the Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (UNHCHR)

 Amnesty International Annual Report (Amnesty International)

 Human Rights Violations Against Shi'a Religious Leaders and Their Followers (Amnesty International)

 State of the World Report (The Carter Centre)

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