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You are in: Country Profiles :: Asia :: Kyrgyzstan

Country Profile: KYRGYZSTAN

General Information

 Country profile: Kyrgyzstan (BBC News)

 Timeline: Kyrgyzstan (BBC News)

 The World Factbook: Kyrgyzstan (Central Intelligence Agency)

 Statistics: Kyrgyzstan (UNICEF)

 Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the USA

News and Information Sources

 Amnesty International

 Human Rights Watch

 International Crisis Group

 Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Reports and Analysis

 Kyrgyzstan violence: Osh unrest remembered one year on (BBC News) (June 10, 2011)

 Better conditions needed in Kyrgyzstan to help 75,000 people still uprooted - UN (UN News Centre) (July 27, 2010)

 Q&A: Kyrgyzstan protests (BBC) (March 25, 2005)

 Kyrgyzstan's new leaders (BBC) (March 25, 2005)

 The 'tulip revolution' topples Kyrgyzstan's president of 15 years (The Independent) (March 25, 2005)

 Profile: Askar Akayev (BBC) (March 24, 2005)

 Analysis: Why Kyrgyzstan matters (BBC) (March 21, 2005)

 Kyrgyzstan set for run-off polls (BBC) (February 28, 2005)

 The Curse of Cotton: Central Asia's Destructive Monoculture (International Crisis Group) (February 28, 2005)
[1, pdf] [2, Word]

 Protests before Kyrgyzstan vote (BBC) (February 23, 2005)

 Central Asia struggles to end child labour (BBC) (February 21, 2005)

 Kyrgyzstan feels wind of change (BBC) (February 3, 2005)

 [WordLost Children of Central Asia: Underage Prostitution in Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan An IWPR special investigation (Institute for War and Peace Reporting) (January 19, 2004)

 Military rivalry in Kyrgyzstan (BBC) (October 25, 2003)

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