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How is the Website Organised

The Children and Armed Conflict Unit aims to keep the issue of the impact of armed conflict on children in the public and institutional eye through its web-site, which provides accessible information on conflicts and relevant international standards and norms as well as good practices relating to children.

The site provides country specific information on conflict areas, both past and present, and on countries with related issues affecting children. The country-specific information includes background on the conflict, the most recent conflict developments, NGO and IGO links, field activity and comment, reports and analysis from organisations and journalists. In addition it contains relevant international and national agreements and legislation.

The site also has an issues and themes section, which contains information relevant to children in areas of armed conflict such as the on-going negotiations on the small-arms trade, education, juvenile justice, child soldiers etc.

The site provides a comprehensive database of all relevant international and regional law, reports and documents and information on international and regional organisations.

We also provide external links to other related sites - a continually growing list.

More information about the Unit...

WARNING: The Children and Armed Conflict Unit is not responsible for the content of external websites. Links are for informational purposes only. A link does not imply an endorsement of the linked site or its contents.

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