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Digital Academic Transcripts (only for alumni without access to the HEAR)(1996/7 onwards)* (PDF copy only)

Product Description

An academic transcript contains details of all the modules studied and the marks obtained for a student’s course.

Students who started in or after 2014

If you started your studies in or after 2014 you have access to your HEAR which replaces the Academic Transcript. You’ll need to activate your account using the link you have been sent from Gradintel. If you haven’t received an activation email, email award-docs@essex.ac.uk to request a new one. You can share a secure digital version of your HEAR at any point and when you graduate, your HEAR will be finalised and you’ll have full access to it for life.

If you are required to send a hard copy of your transcript to agencies including governments or embassies then please give details in the free text box at the bottom ordering form.

Please be aware that marks for your current year will only appear on your HEAR when they have been ratified by the board of examiners.

Students who started before 2014

If you started your studies before 2014  you can order extra transcripts through the order form.

Price: £5

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